Nature Connection

A sentence that I say often…..

We were never meant to be so disconnected to the earth as we are today

The more time I spend in nature, the more I feel there is something missing when I am unable to go as often as I would like.

The more I learn, the bigger my fascination is growing.  There really is so much to learn, to observe, to gain wisdom from.

Our connection with nature, is that nature is our source. Without nature, we can not survive.

The most modest of plants provides us with vital oxygen, the air that we breathe and take for granted.

Sitting Still

At the start of each walk, we simply sit.  We find a spot that feels right for us; that could be under a canopy of a tree or sat on a branch or up against the trunk of a tree or it could simply be on a bench. We spend 5 – 10 minutes right at the start just to notice, to observe, to give ourselves permission to slow down to the beat and rhythm of the earth. Sometimes if I don’t have time for full nature immersion, this is all that I do.  I will find a park, find a spot that feels right and just be still, to become part of the nature that is there at that time.

Tuning our senses

We endeavour to use all of our senses (all 6) on a walk in nature and this is actually quite easy to do. I will guide you through each practice that will aid you in turn to focus your attention and sharpen your awareness. Imagine if you could see but not hear or hear but not see – how different our experience of life would be and definitely how we would experience our walk within nature.

Observation Woodland Walks

Walking nature allows us to become naturally inquisitive.

To see the new bud or the way a branch sways.

To see the array of insects on a tree trunk and notice how the tree responds to this.

How each tree protects itself.  Learning about their characteristics, how they communicate, the wisdoms, the myths, legends and folk lores.

Connecting with myself

Reflecting within. Meditation and being guided to go where I can gain the most help.

Each tree, each plant and flower have unique healing properties through their essences, aromas, flower, bark and sap. I always notice the different feelings when I step under a canopy of certain trees and how safe it feels to spend time with me.

If you would like to experience a guided walk in nature that offers these mindfulness and forest therapy practices, we have regular walks booked at Owlett plantation food this year and further a field at Clumber Park and Savernake Ancient Forest.  Each experience will provide something different

April will be exploring the birch tree a little deeper and see how some of these characteristics resonate with you or where you are in your life today.

Till next time

Be kind to yourself

Maria ~♥~