Touch Wood

An expression that most of us know and use.

I read this post below this morning from Ian Banyard a fellow nature connector and found it quite thought provoking.


A saying originating from the pagan (country dweller)belief that good spirits reside in trees such as oak, and hence, touching wood helps ward off evil spirits. … 

Science is now discovering that reconnecting with nature, particularly trees, can boost our immune system, relax the busy mind, lift the spirit and stimulate deep insight. These days we don’t believe in evil spirits anymore, they’ve been replaced by man-ipulated germs 🦠 

I wonder if ‘touching wood’ has contributed to keeping nature lovers like me, fit and healthy all these years.  

As many of you know, I remain unconvinced that IT is safe (long-term), unconvinced IT works the way we were sold and unconvinced I need IT, to save my life, prevent long-term illness and improve my health. 

I’m talking about the “IT that shall not be named”. 

I’m now in my 60s, so I’m ‘old skool’ and grew up at a time and in an environment, where if your school friends got ill, you were encouraged to go and get infected by them. 

We often ate our food without washing our hands and after it fell on the dirty floor. As long as it was picked up within 6 seconds. I shared drinks without wiping the bottle/cup with a sterilised wetwipe before we all drank from it. 

When we shared good news and hopes for the future, we always followed up with “Touch Wood”. I remember on the odd occasion when there was no wood around to touch, we would touch our ‘wooden’ heads.

I find these days when asked how things are, I say I’m fine, fit, healthy in fact feeling better than ever.  I’ve actually ‘fact-checked’ this belief and “according to the data” – I keep a 5 year diary where I record days when I’m “under the weather”, or suffering with cold/flu-like symptoms – and it’s true. Hardly a sniffle for the last 20 months – touch wood 🤠👍🏼

This is all so true –

I can remember being brought rounds friends for a chicken pox party – which I never contracted much to my mothers annoyance and being exposed to the elements to build up immunity.

Have we really evolved as human beings so much in the last 50 years that we can no longer be exposed to what was then so normal?

I wonder what memories this has invoked in you?

Till next time