Clearer & Calmer Mind, improved memory & focus.

Less anxiety, anger and increased wellbeing
More relaxed, Improved immune system and sleep.


.Mindfulness is a practice, which cultivates a self-kindness and compassion, awareness, acceptance, gratitude and gentleness.

It is not letting go or trying to do this or that….its about doing nothing…to not try…to just be

It is accepting of what is and know that this is exactly as it should be right now…

The perfect imperfectness of now and in this time and space.



Mindfulness Classes:

Mindfulness and Mindful Living incorporates so many factors from

  • pausing to reflect
  • acknowledging emotions
  • awareness and curiosity
  • observation without judgement
  • acceptance and forgiveness
  • self compassion
  • self love 
  • Self Care
  • Inner strength and resilience

These classes are available both online and in person 

A variety of workshops are offered on specific focus 

1-1 work is also offered to integrate it into your life


These classes focus on one specific element of mindfulness. Pop classes are available throughout the year.

There is also a full program of 8 modules that can be completed via an online course at your own speed or 1:1 mentoring via video link.  

Each module has a specific focus such as automatic pilot and responding, Acceptance and compassion, personal expansion plan


  8 modules over 16 weeks

  • Bi-weekly delivery
  • PLUS 1-1 sessions to discuss and integrate
  • Recordings via dropbox
  • videos
  • explanations
  • exercises
  • integration and thoughtful reflections


Program Cost £120.  or 1:1 Mentoring £320



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