The beautiful, graceful majestic Silver Birch.

Cascading whispering branches

Representing new beginnings, new birth or rebirth.

Re birth can be seen in all areas of our lives from a new idea or opportunity to a new journey or direction. It can mean a change in mindset, welcoming new ways of thinking and releasing old negative cycles.

The birch is one of the first trees to show its glory in Spring and the first to colonise a new ground, dropping its leaves and twigs to enrich the soil for other trees to follow. It is also stated that if you plant a few Silver Birch you will soon have a beautiful forest.

A monoecious tree, having both male and female flowers on the same tree; their seeds grow readily and spread through heathlands quickly. They live for between 70 and 100 years and it said that they are approx 35 years old before developing their catkins.

Their seeds are often eaten by greenfinches and siskin and woodpecker like to nest in the their trunks. They usually have a single trunk.

Silver Birch Bark is said not to rot and you can often see old decayed trees with the outer bark still in tact.

What they Teach

Known as the Lady of the Woods their distinctive white trunks often light up the woods on a dark day. Graceful and elegant they appear delicate and yet they have a tough pioneering personality. The first to be sen in new areas and a natural leader in the woods.

They are also known as nurse trees as they give so much nurturing to older trees around them.

Everything about the Silver birches character leads us to light and being. Their nurturing, their strength, their elegance and their adaptability.

The Silver Birch represents new beginnings but can teach us that change can happen gently and with small steps and action.

Birches teach us that environmental change can begin with a single movement to change the flow to positive transformations.

Healing Idea

Make a massage oil or ointment from young Birch leaves. It is good for relieving rheumatism, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

If you get the opportunity – sit by a silver birch tree and listen to the whispers from within. Listen to the wisdoms and insights that come to you.

One of our woodlands that we use for our guided walks are covered with Silver Birches and pines – A beautiful sight and we often spend time with these trees.

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