Into the Forest I go

Into the forest I go To lose my mind and find my soul.”  John Muir.

A very popular quote by John Muir.  Recently I kept coming across this quote, everywhere I looked it just popped up.  So, I thought I would spend a little time with it and see how it feels to me and what I need to take from it right now. Heres what I found.

Into the forest I go to lose my mind …

Acknowledging being in nature, for me, helps to clear my mind and  move more into my body. It allows me to step away from my thoughts, ramblings, fears and worries.

Simply sitting on a log or up against a tree or even on a beach somewhere, is all that it takes – not trying to do or achieve anything – simply being and giving myself permission to do nothing. The less I complicate this, the better it gets. 

Allowing myself to feel the rhythm of nature through its movements and sounds. The flow of air, the crashing of waves and that constant ebb and flow. Maybe the flutter of a birds wing or the sound of a bird landing on a branch. A squirrel running around the trunk of a tree or the gentle sound of a cricket jumping through the undergrowth.

All of these moments making up the tapestry of what is alive in this precise moment. Never to be duplicated in the same way again and acknowledging that I have been apart of that moment in time – my own breath and movement adding to all that is alive.

Looking within

and find my soul………….

As I sat in our local woodland under a tree, I noticed my breath had slowed down in a way that felt calmer and I noticed that sense of calm running through me. I felt at peace within.

A couple of squirrels were chasing each other up and down the trees and back around again. I sat and watched them for a while, smiling to myself,  and it brought to mind playing as a child with my siblings. Our laughter and squeals of delight as we chased around would echo in the air. I remembered how free it felt, no trepidations, no fears and no judgements – we simply played.

Listening to the bird song;  a robin, some sparrows and two blackbirds that were all in the trees just ahead of me. I wondered what they were saying, especially the sparrows as they seemed to be chattering between themselves and had a lot to say!

As I brought my attention back to myself and the quote, I noticed how calm I felt with my body relaxed and my legs felt soft and light. There was a warmth in my heart, a glow even, as I remembered my child within, the part of me that is still alive but neglected as she popped up to say “hello, I’m here”.

A beautiful quote – Into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul 

Till next time
Be Kind to You


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