Finding inner strength whilst facing uncertainty

To state the obvious we are in high anxiety and fear driven times. 

Trusting your direction in times of uncertainty
Which Direction?

Some of the hardest periods in my life have been when not knowing what’s going to happen next.  Not Knowing my direction or where I am going.

Even if the answer has not been what I have wanted, knowing the outcome has allowed me to accept it and to dust myself down and move on.

Right now, friends, peers and patients have all said to me that they don’t know if their jobs will be save when they come off furlough, they don’t know if their child will be safe if they return to school – equally the fear of a child missing out on opportunity, missing vital development of social skills and building character . Let alone the real basic needs of seeing loved ones, people not being in such isolation and loneliness , a first hug with a grandchild…. equally keeping your loved ones, especially those in vulnerable groups, safe, healthy and happy.

The fear of the unknown is massive.  

Our own innate wisdom, our own inner strength and our own resilience in this time is going to help each of us work through this period.

For me, when I feel solid within myself , content and self trusting as well as being  able to manage life stress levels effectively, enables me to operate from a place of peace rather than fight. What I mean by that is that I can find solutions and my way through things more easily rather than finding every block, every potential hurt and pain and amplifiying this to a level that I can not see anything else.

 To enable me to feel this way, I do a blend of activities that all give me an chance to pause, step back and take time to be with me. One of these being my sit spot.

I have a few “sit spots” around my local areas.  My nearest being in my own garden. Others are under certain trees or simply on a bank surrounded by nature.  These are all places of stillness and quiet. I need to physically move myself to one of these spots and my whole being already knows that this is my time and I drop straight into a place of quiet.

(I have used these places for a long time and this ease of dropping into your quiet inner self builds with the time you spend )

Inner Strength
Expressing your inner thoughts

Some ways I spend time with me

Here in my sit spot – I may just be quiet and let the day melt away from me.

Or I may allow my thoughts to run wild.

Or I may check in with how my body actually feels ( body scan) or I may meditate, ask a specific question and journal in a way that I need to express myself on that day. 

 I may do this for 10 minutes or I may do this for an hour – this totally depends on my needs and my busyness at any one time.

The biggest thing that I have learnt along my way is that this time for you should be so easy, a few moments out of your day that you look forward to, almost like a reward for yourself.  Often meditation and self care can feel like a chore.

Making yours a real pleasure for you is the key and will enable you to build your time, your practice and your feelings of wellbeing.

Connect with nature and your true nature

I invite you to spend a little time with yourself each day this week and see how it feels for you

Till next time

Be kind always

Maria XxX