Courses for YOU. Taking time for yourself is not a luxury, it is really an important part of gaining a balanced life and revitalising yourself both in mind and in body.  

"You can't pour from an empty cup."  

As tempting as it is to pour every ounce of energy and attention into someone or something else, in the long term it is likely to have negative consequences on your physical and mental health.

Our classes that are offered in person, via video link or as self paced programs;  are all designed to guide you with a structure to integrate practices into your life. These include classes such as meditation, focussed mindful philosophies, self development and journalling.



Foundation & Self Help Courses.

Our foundation / self help courses are specific courses that are the starting blocks for more intensive Professional training qualifications.

The first element or foundation of each of these trainings are to discover how the therapy works on you and for you.

It helps you to discover the benefits it has to offer, your personal transformation from its use and how you have been able to integrate it into your life.

This makes these ideal for your own personal development as well as the start of a longer training program. 


  • Nature Journalling
  • Mindfulness for stress reduction
  • Nature Connection
  • Meditation
  • Deeper Self Discovery Programs
  • EFT Tapping 
  • Reiki


These courses are for anyone who want to make transformations in their own lives. 



Sometimes joining a class with others enriches the learning experience


A chance to develop skills that you can continue to use in your life.


From Nature Journalling to Mindful Meditations



Personal Development

"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them".

~ Aristotle


For me, this has been such a long journey of getting to know myself and remembering what's important to me and how to integrate this into my life.

It has not always been hearts and roses, there have been some sadness, loneliness and many vulnerable times in my life.

Over these years I have collected various skills, some I have used for a period of time, others stay in my life today.

When we share with others,  what we already know works for us, it becomes a beautiful gift from one heart to another.  

And this, for me,  is such an important aspect of how I share, gift or impart my knowledge,  of how to use these skills for yourself and then to share with others.

Only when you have discovered the capacity of using a modality on yourself,  can you truthfully share and use this with others.

Only when you have tried different methods to find the best way for you to integrate it into your life can you authentically give this advice to others.

I am also a teacher trainer  within all the disciplines offered and have trained many students over the years to advanced professional levels so that they can also share these skills with others.  

Recently, I made the decision to return to the self help and individual person development as this is where my heart and passion lies. To help you find your way home to yourself.

(Further training above these levels is on an application basis only).

These course and classes are offered as specific stand alone self development workshops or ongoing development and can be completed  by booking onto the relevant course dates. 

The self paced ones are available via course craft. Please contact me to be sent the individual links.

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