Emotional Wellbeing is something that we sometimes overlook and brush under the carpet.

It can sometimes feel like we don't deserve to put ourselves first and often has an old ingrained belief that it would be selfish.  It can also sometimes feel to scary to look within, almost with a fear of what will we find.

However, I think that we all get to a place at some point in our lives, when we want to stop and take stock of who we are, to discover what's truly important to us and how our actions align to our true nature.

Taking time to explore within,  either within a safe group environment or on a one to one basis,  can provide a safe, brave container that can hold you in a space supportively and yet give you the freedom to explore your inner emotions, express how you really feel without any fears around judgement, blame, inadequacy, guilt or shame.






Often this journey starts with feelings of dis-satisfaction, distraction, or asking questions like " why am I here? " or "What is life all about" or "There must be more to life!"

These thoughts are all simply trying to get your attention...

Trying to focus your attention to where it needs to be....  On YOU ... the real YOU. 

The one that you may have buried many years ago and now needs to be heard.

We learn at an early age, when the need for safety and a sense of belonging overshadows our need to be true to ourselves, how to respond so that we can fit in and feel safe.

We learn how to respond to please others - we learn how to behave to avoid any conflict. 

But once you hear the cries from within.... there is no way of turning the volume down until you take the time to really listen...



One to One
Circle Groups

Is now your time to reconnect with yourself?  

Is now your time to remember who you truly are?  

Is now the time to connect with your true nature?



Groups, Classes

Woman circles

1:1 Wild Coaching




One to One. 

Personalised and as Individual as YOU 

We all have our own stories that are unique to us. Even if they sound similar or are a shared experience.

Each situation, each memory, each emotion and how you experienced it, is totally unique to you.

No one else has lived the same life as you, walked the same path as you or felt the exact same as you.  

Thats what makes you who you are today.

All of your experiences and all of your emotions -  are who you are.

When we slow down to re-acquaint ourselves with our true essence, its not an opportunity to let our critic come out to play, or to berate ourselves or run ourselves down.

It's an opportunity to acknowledge that actually we've done a pretty good job at keeping ourselves safe up to now. It's an opportunity to acknowledge we are survivors.

There is a Karen Drucker song that says "Only go as fast as the slowest part of you feels safe to do so". This process of remembering who we are, whats important to us and honouring ourselves with action,  is a work in progress....

Ever evolving like our source, Mother Earth.... the only thing that is constant is gentle change.



Kind Words



I was sooo lucky to have Maria as a coach.

She has the ability to listen and to allow you the space to express your thoughts fully and honestly while paying attention for signs of possible ways through difficult situations constructively.

She is able to look for the positive in a situation and to find practical tools for dealing with it.

She is lovingly kind and supportive, and I am very grateful for her patience and generosity of spirit.

You are a shining star Maria ! Xx


 Focussed Groups

Community Circles & Intentional Conversations

Working in a group with other women can offer a unique experience of common support, empowerment and strength.

It is often what is expressed by another that can give you a completely different perspective of a thought and the deeper meaning.

Not only can this offer inner thought provocation and self reflection but the wisdom gained is invaluable.


"When women support women.. Incredible things happen"


Usually, I run a specific year long program anything from finding your wild heart to pathfinders and many more.

For 2021 our groups are all going to be via our Dandelion Grove.

Our Dandelion Grove is a TreeSisters Grove and a place where woman can meet, connect and be nourished.

These groups are highly supportive and deeply nourishing and each participant both experiences and contributes in their ways making it a rich experience for us all.

My personal offerings are richly interwoven and influenced by my personal trainings and experience from coaching, holding space and natural mindfulness to Shinrin Yoku and Nature & Forest therapy as a certified guide. The many elements of expressions and ritual influences are attributed to Red Thread trainings with Shiloh Sophia.


Kind Words


Circle Participant

I just wanted to say thank you for the course. I have totally changed for the better since going through the process of healing my life with you and Louise Hay.

You ran each session with such skill, care and sympathy it was very easy to feel safe in the environment you provided for us all.

I am going to miss it, but I also feel ready to move on to use what I have learnt with you.

I think that is the sign of a good course.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


HYL 10 Month Circle

I’m not sure any words can do justice to the gifts I have received from this course.

You delivered each session with a wisdom, kindness and an emotional safety – it was like once a month you shared a little bit of your heart with us.  

I have learnt so much that will remain with me forever.

The friends I met on this course, the immediate sense of safety I experienced and the soothing energy I was graced with on those sessions felt like home - 

I can’t thank you and the other women enough for this.

You have taught me it is possible (not only possible but a choice I get to make each day) to heal and embrace who I am.

You have given me practical tools and divine lessons  I can utilise to improve my life - somehow you always know what to say at the right time that present an answer unique and personal to me, answers that I could never have found had I continued to use my old survival behaviours to get by.

You reminded me it is safe to thrive and in multiple ways you have taught me to trust, breathe and surrender. 

Thank you for sharing your gift x. 

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