Beech Tree

Mother of the Woods

The magnificent Beech Tree, Mother of the woods.

Beech trees rise up and stand tall often to approx 140 feet high.

They spread their canopies out to nearly as wide to approx 130 feet, offering a cool and dry place on the forest floor.

Her bark is smooth and silky and invites your hands to touch her.

If you stand within a Beech grove; you will feel the magical grace that exudes from her and the ambience texture in the air.

Regarded as the Mother of the woods for her protective and nurturing persona; she invites us to open our senses allowing us to perceive the elemental work of nature and is said to inspire and let us creativity flow.


Ancient folklore says that the water found in hollow beech tree “will cure both man and beast of any scurf or scab”.

Beech tree has been used for many skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis and also as an ingredient of the expectorant used for bronchitis.

The leaves also have a uses as are cooling and binding and can be applied to hot swellings as an ointment.

Dr Bach recognised the beech tree flower remedy to treat arrogance, criticism, intolerance and an over strong will and judgment. He said that it helps us let go of fixed ideas and opinions.


She is associated with the inception of writing and linked to all written wisdoms. It is also said that when meditating with a Beech we are helped to link with the past and find answers for the present. She is said to be a “book of the past”.

Magically, she is specifically used for making wishes – there are three magnificent Beech at Avebury Stone Circle that are infamously known as the wishing trees. I have made my own flower remedy water from these trees, and have also collected their beechnuts and planted them this year – so I will keep you posted on this progress.


I am so drawn to Beech Trees – often I am drawn to sit somewhere and then I notice her right in front of me, lavishing her energies upon me. Her elegance, her stature, her nurturing and protection – draws me in like no other.

Whilst out journalling some time ago now, I completed a character sketch with the invitation “something that you are drawn to in the nature world”

I wrote ….

Magestic in her presence, she reaches up to the sky

Silky, smoother and inviting; she opens herself to you

She nurtures all around her, helping the young to grow

plays home to may birds and insects far below

She is a mother and lady, filled with love from her core

Her arms form the greatest canopy that reaches far and farther more.

Wisdom is her signature and oh does she have some tales to tell

Spend some time with her and she will have you completely under her spell.

I would love to hear your experiences with a Beech Tree. I wonder what characteristics were prominent for you?

Till Next time

Best wishes


Our next journalling in nature session in November 5th