Balance is what we all strive for.

Sometimes I think this can be missed with the focus always on slowing down, meditating and the parasympathetic nervous system. However in reality we need all elements in our life.

I was reminded of this recently, by one of teachers and mentors Lucas Rockwood, when he was discussing the two extremes.

We look at the monk on the mountain meditating, he looks in a place of total peace and tranquility. How many of us have looked at this and thought; if only I could get to that place of bliss. However, as Lucas pointed out, we have bills to pay, responsibilities with children, family and work. Even with the best will in the world, we do not have 14 hours a day to practice this art form.

Then we can explore the other extreme. With insurmountable amounts of stressors in our life and this becomes unmanageable and overwhelming. This eventually becomes visible in both our mental and physical health. We also do not want to be in this position. I can personally endorse how debilitating this is from my own life journey. Long term stress massively effects your health.

Balance really is the best place to be and where we all strive for

A person in balance will move between the two modes of our nervous system approx every two hours. That is the stimulating, revved up sympathetic mode and the resting parasympathetic mode. We need both and our bodies need to be access both with ease. The Yin and the Yang, The night and Day, The dark and light……

The Power of Breath
The Power of our Breath

Have you ever noticed how your breath changes depending on how you are feeling?

How slow and controlled it feels when you are rested as opposed too fast and shallow when you are stressed. Or when in a heightened moment – you may even realise that you are holding your breath and not breathing at all.

Our breath works in tune with our body and changes moment to moment. Often forgotten and unnoticed.

Just as our breath responds to our nervous system, our nervous system will respond to our breath. It can be a simple, quick and effective mechanism to signal to our body to stimulate, slow down or to find its own balance.

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Balancing our nervous system in nature

There are lots of different breathing practices out there, however learning how to use your breath in a manner that works for you, can make huge beneficial differences for you.

Every few months, I offer a number of free discovery sessions via zoom so that you can explore how breath coaching may work for you, especially to reduce stress and to have more energy balance in your life.

If you would like to find out more for yourself – contact me to schedule your free discovery session.

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