Are you Time Sick?

Time Sick – a fabulous phrase coined by one of my ANFT teachers, Vicky Kyan. She used this and explained what this meant to her, on one of our training sessions.

This phrase has stayed with me and mulls around into my mind at various times begging to be explored and then again and again, to go that little bit deeper.

Time Sick

We spend our entire lives bound by time.

What time we get up, what time we leave for our days work/school. chores, shopping…..

What time we have lunch….. ” I always have lunch at X O’Clock”

And so the day goes on…. Fragmenting our day it to periods of time.

Lack of

In the process of this, we also create a “lack of” or limitation in our lives. How many times have you said to yourself “I don’t have enough time for this or that” “Time just disappears” ” Theres never enough time in the morning” “Theres never enough hours in the day”

We know that our thoughts become our reality and when we listen to our own thoughts; often they are not the lives we want to create. This is no different.

Best advice

Just over twenty years ago now, I left quite a senior role working within recruitment. I loved that work, however over the years, long hours, constant travelling, high pressure and managerial demands had all taken their toll on my health and eventually I took the decision to have a career break. One of my colleagues at that time advised me to take off my watch.

Not really understanding this concept, I didn’t do this and consequently found that even when I had no time constraints, I was still fragmenting my day and setting time limits on myself. Once I realised that I was doing this, I took my watch off to experiment. It was also on an extended trip to the West coast of Ireland where I was going to learn and practice meditation.

It didn’t take long to lose the concept of time probably with the help of the environment, meditation and intention. And I didn’t look back.

Even after I returned to working at weekends I removed my watch with the purpose of going with the flow and letting the day unfold in what ever way it wanted to do so.


That career break was well over 20 years ago now and hearing this phrase not only resonated with me, but has prompt to take the opportunity to explore how this is for me today, am I time sick and how can I relax into my day.

I would encourage you, especially if this also resonates with you, to reflect how time bound you are and how you too can release yourself from this bind.

In recent years, I love to release all concept of time in nature.

Just sauntering and sharing space

Sitting ~ observing ~ listening

Wandering ~ Touching ~ Feeling

I would love to hear your stories on this and what works for you.

Till next time

Best wishes