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Everyone deserves inner freedom and peace!

The journey to achieve this can be one of true courage and bravery as we step into our vulnerabilities, find the strength to embrace and befriend our fears and self limiting beliefs.... These same fears and limitations that have kept us so "safe" for so long. They are often our teachers and guides of life.

 Change always starts from within.  As we start to connect back with ourselves, listen to the whispers from our hearts, body and souls,  we will be able to gently weed out all the bits that now feel safe to let go of, bit by bit and in gentle steps.

As we continue on this life journey, owning and releasing old stories and as we start to stand in our truth and our good; we can begin to recognise our self worth, confidence and inner power. With this remembrance of who we are, we will be able to open our heart more fully, experience our inner freedom and start to really feel alive.

Inspiring Steps

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step" - Unknown

That's a sobering thought - knowing that to achieve a life where we can connect to our own true nature, all it takes is that first step..... That one step.... Which initially may be "just to be willing".......

Willing to be true to ourselves~ willing to leave our comfort zone and be willing to take that first step onto your journey of self discovery irrespective of where your starting point is or how big that hill currently looks to you....

All it takes is small gentle steps..... Just to be willing to try.


Welcome to a little about me - Maria

So much has evolved for me, especially over the last 10 years or so.  Its truly has been a journey of having to discovery myself to set myself free.

To start from where I came from, as a child, I was a perfectionist with no confidence.  I spent my time trying to please and gain approval from everyone around me. I would say Yes to everything if I thought that was the answer required, simply so I didn't upset and maybe, just maybe I could be accepted.

I spent much time feeling alone, feeling not good enough and analysing things to such  level that I almost always felt I had failed. No surprises....  when I felt that I had failed I would feel deeply ashamed of myself ! This shame and self blame would drive me to try harder to please, to be perfect .. to be accepted.

Then the fears would kick in, so I would take myself away... hide... become invisible.... because if I was too visible then maybe everyone would see all my flaws and this would confirm that I was not enough on so many levels... this would confirm that I couldn't be accepted.


I guess my learning started at the approx age of 13, although I was not aware of this at the time.

I was given the space to start to discover myself, to no longer be able to hide in shadows of my siblings and begin to develop my own character.

For the next ten years and more, I had the most incredible teacher and mentor who gently led me through a personal journey of inner conenction. She taught me a lot of the philosophies that I have been re introduced to and reminded of again in recent years. The biggest part of this was to get to know myself. I had no idea at that early age that this would come back to me so vividly later on.

Years later, it has been like completing a full circle. As I have been brought back to this re connection with myself, remembering words that were softly whispered to me as a child, as I re hear them, but yet feel like I am hearing them for the first time. This has felt like I am returning home and yet the connection is on a much deeper level of understanding as my life journey has given me the experiences to do so.

.... and now after a few decades of my own intensive journey, learning, discovering and more learning and then learning even more..... it's time to share this with you.

My journey continues to evolve and I continue learning.... every walk, every class, every deeper conversation..... everywhere and everything that I do.  My personal mentors and teachers continue to enrich my life and my work through their books, podcasts, and courses. I personally spend lots of time in nature, I  journal, meditate, have intentional deeper conversations and focus on ways to further deepen my connections with nature, my true self and with you.

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