Lets go for a walk in the woods...

And listen to the magical whispers of old trees



Connect with Nature

Let nature come to you

Our guided walks provide you with the opportunity to step out of the hustle and bustle of your busy lifestyle and gently into an immersion of nature.

It doesn't take long to feel your breathing becoming a little deeper and slower as you allow yourself to feel the power of nature soothing and calming your entire system.

Scientific studies confirm that being outside and in nature is good for us.

Each guided walk invites you consciously to  ignite your senses more fully.  It provides invitations to deepen your relationship with the more than human world, yourself and with others. 


Nature can help to prevent heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  It also helps boost our immune system


Nature is a great anti-depressant. It also stimulates our intuition and creativity



Self Connection

Returning home to yourself  - to your truth

When we build our relationships with nature and the more than human world, it also provides the opportunity to remember who we are.

In this acknowledgement, our uniqueness our truth, the beat of our hearts desires can be  witnessed and valued.

Returning home to who we really are.

  • Sometimes it's in the stillness and silence that we hear our true voice
  • Listening with attention to our inner knowingness
All we have to do is accept the invitation


Connection with our Community

We are designed to be connected with people

Now more than ever we have learnt the importance of connection with our family, friends and our community.


Our Community Connection retreats and circles create a safe space where we can hold and be held supportively.


Sharing our experiences and expressing our soul enables us to be seen, to be heard and to be valued.  


Once we have connected with our true nature;  only then can we truly find our own tribe.


Our Guided walks are available 


  • 3 hour sessions 
  • full days (Day retreats)
  • Weekend Retreats    
  • 5 days Retreats.




Virtual Experiences


  • Guided Walks
  •  7 days Nature Connection 





Dandelion Grove -  Womans Circle


Restoring our planet with TreeSister

This is an invitation for the co-creativity of women to rise like a tide on behalf of the trees.

"When women gather, something else becomes possible. Ours is a different kind of power, a different kind of responsiveness, receptivity, subtlety and co-creativity.

We need to gather, to inspire and encourage each other, because it's time for a different relationship with life on this planet of ours.” ~ Clare Dubois, Founder & CEO, TreeSisters

Kind Words


HYL Coaching course, Reiki training, Community Groups

Empowering, insightful & heart warming experience every time I attend anything lead by Maria. I couldn’t have asked for a better Reiki master, or course leader for Heal Your Life. Truly blessed to have such an inspirational woman to look up to in my life like Maria; thank you for your time, your energy & your gifts. You helped me believe in the magic of the universe & myself again ✨grateful for your wisdom & kindness always - Hannah

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